Installation Guide

Soil Preparation

#1 Remove all debris from the area.

#2 Rototill your soil to a depth of 3-6". First till one direction and then crosswise.

#3 Grade and shape the area to desired contours.

#4 Use Bulk Bag of Premium Lawn and garden Soil or Compost to improve the soil composition and to ensure a soil depth of 3-6" is obtained.

#5 Add Root Starter Fertilizer to your soil. Incorporate the fertilizer by lightly rototilling or raking.

#6 Rake the surface smooth and even. Roll lightly and smooth again, as required, to remove rough areas and depressions.


Sod Installation


#1 To lay the first row, start against a straight line, such as a curb or driveway. Alternatively, run taut string up the middle of the area and begin the first row alone that string.

#2 Lay the sod in a brickwork fashion.

#3 Butt all joints tightly together without overlapping.

#4 Use sod stakes on steep slopes to prevent the sod from shifting.

#5 Cut the sod with a sharp knife or edger to fit odd shapes with small areas.

#6 Go over the area with a third-filled landscape roller to press the roots to the soil.

#7 Begin watering as soon as your first row has been laid. Your first watering should be to a depth of 4" beneath your new sod.