Sod Establishment Guide



#1 Thorough watering over the first month of your lawn's life is critical to its long-term health.

#2 Begin watering immediately after your sod has been laid, ensuring that your soil is wet up to 4" below the surface. You can stick your pointer finder into the soil to test the moisture level. If you still feel dry soil, continue watering.

#3 Continue watering deeply throughout the establishment period. Water evenly and slowly so that water penetrates the soil with out running off. Avoid frequent, light watering which will cause shallow rooting, and over watering, which will prevent air from reaching the roots.

#4 For best results, water early in the morning. This will help you avoid evaporation loss.

#5 For a newly installed lawns the following water schedule should be followed.

For the first 7-10 days your new lawn should be watered dally - twice a day in hot conditions. Early Morning and late at night.

For the next 7-10 days your new lawn should be watered every second day.

By day 20 your new lawn should be just about established and you should be able to cut back watering to to a couple times to three times a week depending on weather conditions.

#6 Stay off a wet lawn to avoid creating depressions.

If you see shrinking, gaps or change of color in the sides of the sod this is the first sign that not enough water is being applied. Increase watering for the next 7-10 days.



#1 Manderley Root Starter Fertilizer is specifically blended to promote the establishment of Manderly sod in our growing areas. It is recommended on all new sod installations.

#2 For best results, fertilizer should be spread under your new sod at the time of installation. If you were unable to fertilize at the time of installation , it will still be beneficial to spread Root Starter Fertilizer over top of you new lawn after the fact.

#3 Always water in your fertilizer to prevent burning. Never apply fertilizer to wet grass leaves, especially during extreme heat.

#4 Always follow the application instructions on the package as too much fertilizer will damage your lawn.

#5 Your lawn may benefit from a second application 2-4 weeks after your initial fertilizing date.

Be sure not to apply more fertilizer then necessary as you will burn the roots of the sod.



#1 Proper mowing keeps turf grass healthy and beautiful.

#2 Wait a minimum of two weeks before mowing your new lawn, to allow the roots time to take hold.

#3 To avoid damaging your lawn, don't mow when the ground is soggy.

#4 Bluegrass should be mowed at a height of between 1.5"-3.5" and for optimal plant health. This will help ensure you have a dense lawn and lower your risk of weed infestation. We recommend you cut the grass on the long side for the first couple months to allow it to fully take.

#5 Never remove more then 1/3 of the leaf height at once.