Pallet Return

All sod pallets can be returned to Manderley Turf Products Calgary yard at
3090 52st S.E Calgary Alberta.
When you return your sod pallets be sure to tell the yard they are from Direct Landscape Supply and give them your pallet return card or provide your order number and we will buy you a bag of Spring, Summer or Fall Fertilizer for helping us out. 
1-2 pallet returns will receive 8kg bag of Fertilizer $28.99 MSRP Value
3 or more Pallets will receive 20kg bag of Fertilizer $52.99 MSRP Value
We will provide a $30 refund per pallet. Refunds will be processed at time of return. Refunds are returned to your preferred card. Cash refunds are not available. 
In order to process a refund you must provide your Pallet return card or order numbers at time of return.  
If you would like us to return to pick up the pallets you may request this with your order. Please make a note in the delivery instructions. We will return and pick up the pallets when we are in your area, however we will not be able to provide a refund for smaller orders due to the costs associated with the pick up. Large orders will get a pro rated refund when possible. This service is not available in all area's. Please contact us for details. 403.807.1952
Paver Pallets
Paver pallets can be returned to 209 Railway Ave Carseland Ab for a $35 refund. This only applies to transactions made though the online system. In order to receive a refund pallets must be returned with in 14 days from time of delivery. This normally takes 1-2 days to process. Pallet return cards or order number must be presented at time of return.