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Experience the superior quality of red cedar mulch, available loose by the cubic yard for delivery. Not only is it one of the most aromatic and durable landscaping mulches on the market, but its shredded fiber composition also provides exceptional wind resistance, making it perfect for Calgary. Plus, with its natural herbicidal and anti-fungal properties, it effectively controls weeds and prevents mushrooms, making it ideal for tree and shrub beds.

Includes product, Free Professional Delivery With Dump Truck

Please Select the City you would like it delivered to. Call for a quote for different areas.

1 yard of product will cover approximately 100 square feet at 3" of coverage

If you would like to see the products in person please visit our sale centre,
The product may be wet in some photo's.

Please place Bulk By Truck load orders by themself as it is two different delivery trucks and you can stagger your delivery days if you like.

These products will be delivered loose by Dump truck and dumped as per your instructions. The Driver will call before delivery. Please visit our delivery page for delivery info & instructions prior to placing your order!

Lead time 1-3 Business days