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RomanStack is similar to StackStone in color and size, but has a weathered, chiseled look. The interlocking tongue and groove design makes it perfect for both straight and curved garden walls. No matter the complexity of your project, RomanStack is the ideal choice.




How much do I need?
To calculate pieces required, multiply the wall length, in feet, by 1.72. This will give you the number of pieces required per layer. Then multiply this by the number of layers to determine total quantity required. Please note that 1.72 is the multiplier used for both the standard and coping units. It’s recommended to go a maximum of 2’ height. Minimum
*Products with a S/O beside them are special order and sold in full pallets only! Lead time generally 2-7 Days on Special order pallets.

Photos shown my not directly reflect the product size shape or color correctly.

Please visit for additional spec's, colors, patterns and installation info. Or visit our sales centre.