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Experience the beauty and benefits of our Lush Premium Less Water Kentucky Blue Grass Sod, designed to transform your lawn into a vibrant and eco-friendly oasis!

Sod comes in 2'x5' 10 sq ft per roll. Please change the quantity to the required square feet needed! Please order in 10 square foot increments. Orders that have odd amounts will be rounded down to the nearest 10sf. We recommend that you order 5% more then you need to allow for trimming and waist.

Pallet deposits? Not with us! Keep your pallets without any hassle. And if you bring them back, we'll give you $30 per pallet.  

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 Experience hassle-free delivery to Calgary and beyond with our professional shipping solutions. Our team carefully calculates shipping costs at checkout, so you can easily plan your budget.

By custom-cutting our sod and delivering it directly to the customer, we are able to minimize waste and pass on the best price to our customers.

 Sod should be ordered by 3pm for next day service to allow time for harvest & Transportation. Please call for same day delivery.

Please contact us with any questions. 403.807.1952

We recommend a Lead time of 1-3 day for large orders.
Sod is a perishable item and should be installed the same day it was delivered in hot conditions. New sod also requires daily watering until fully established.  If you see shrinking and or discoloring on the sides this is the first sign that not enough water is being applied. Please visit our how to Guide for more info.

*Minimum of 300 square foot order required for discount.

Manderley Less Water sod is Canada’s first qualified drought-tolerant natural grass sod. Grown using only cultivars that have exceeded the stringent standards for drought tolerance set by the Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance (TWCA), Manderley Less Water Sod offers all of the same benefits as Regular Kentucky Blue Grass Sod but requires 50% less water after sod is established.

Help decrease the cost of living while increasing property value, with a drought-tolerant natural grass sod that stays lush and green with as little as half the amount of water required by a conventional natural grass lawn. Under severe drought conditions, Manderley Less Water Sod can act as an insurance policy, mitigating the risk and expense of sod replacement, by remaining active as much as a month and a half longer without water than a conventional lawn.

Manderley Less Water Natural Grass Sod:
  • Qualified drought tolerant
  • Reduces typical watering by up to 50%, saving you time and money
  • Stays green longer and greens up quicker
  • Dark green in colour with thick blades
  • Durable and tolerant of high traffic
  • Flourishes in partial shade to full sun areas
  • Cold-hardy, ideal for Canadian climates
  • Protects your investment and increases your home’s curb appeal
  • Minimizes the environmental impact of your property by conserving water
  • Can be used to help achieve LEED credits